1: Nyheder

Undervisning på RMC

Jeg har igen i år undervist BA og KA studerende på Rytmisk musikkonservatorium i Købehavn i henholdsvis Mix samt Indspilning og akustik.
Det er altid sjovt og lærerigt at give sin viden videre og jeg har fået denne dejlige anbefaling af Matthías Sigurðsson, som deltog på Mix-faget:

Louise is a very invested teacher. During our classes she shared her immense enthusiasm for her craft which awakened and nurtured the enthusiasm in me and my fellow students. She gave us both inspiration and very hands-on practical knowledge, as well as helpful tips and tricks when working on our mixes. I have so many more tools in my tool-kit now and know how to practise getting better at using them. For instance how to fine-tune compressors, which frequency bands to look for when EQ-ing for specific results, how to train my ears for hearing nuances, etc. I am very grateful to Louise for putting her heart and soul into these classes! The only downside of the class was that we sometimes lost track of time because we were having so much fun being so into the work.